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World trade and the cargo forwarding industry have felt the negative impact of ilegal activities such as terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering.  The BASC Certification is the result of many efforts to prevent the ilegitimate use of trade; it allows logistic related businesse to implement a management systemthat minimizes their security risk and promotes transparency and traceability of logistic supply chains in trade.

 The WORLD BASC ORGANIZATION (WBO) is a cooperation program between the private sector and national and international organisms supported by international customs agencies. The program was created to promote safe commercial exchange and reduce costs and delays by establishing a well defined set of logistic chain controls. Infreserve is  BASC  certified since 2010.  Read More...




C-TPAT is a joint government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.

C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest level of security only through close cooperation with the ultimate owners of the supply chain— importers, carriers, brokers, warehouse operators and manufacturers.

Through this initiative, Customs is asking businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices and communicate their security guidelines to their business partners within the supply chain. Infreserve is on the process to become C-TPAT  certified















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